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Our Origins

No other marketing media can provide ROI metrics as detailed and varied as the digital landscape today. Neometry came into existence to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences by employing digital analytics for smarter KPI-based strategies and targeting, resulting in enhanced user experiences and sustainable growth.


Neometry denotes a fresh outlook on using digital metrics.

The name is made up of two Greek segments ‘neo’ (meaning new) and ‘metry’ (meaning measure). As compared to the current way of using digital metrics for mere reporting purposes, Neometry is our brainchild to lead the vision of promoting predictive analytics in digital strategies.


Neha Sanghvi

Founder of Neometry

Brainstorming marketing strategies since 2010

With an ever-evolving focus on how consumer behaviour impacts marketing trends and shifts, Neha is a digital consultant armed with more than a decade of industry experience, and enjoys being surrounded by numbers and art alike. Her expertise lies in helping people and brands understand how to build real connections with consumers through meaningful communication.